Jobs in Allure TestOps

Jobs in Allure TestOps

How can you add a job?

To start a build job, you need to make Allure TestOps aware of this build job, right?

So, two options here:

  1. Automatic creation of a build job associated with the imported test results.
  2. Selection of a build job from the ones available on a build server.

Automatically created job

The build jobs are being created automatically in Allure TestOps in case you’ve already done the integration to import the test results of your automated tests from a build server to Allure TestOps.

  1. Go to the main Allure TestOps page and select the project for which you are setting the integration.
  2. Go to the Jobs section - you will see all the jobs available for current project.
  3. Pick the newly created Jenkins’s build job from the list. From its drop-down list pick the Edit build server option.
  4. Select and submit the build server you have created. Allure TestOps will check the read access to this job.
  5. When you press the Update button for the job, Allure TestOps will make a list of all available environment variables.

Create a build job

  1. In the main page of Allure TestOps select the a project.

  2. In the project settings go on Jobs page.

  3. Push New job button.

    Creating job

  4. Select build server from the drop-down list

  5. Select a job you want to run from Allure TestOps on Jenkins. Add jenkins job

  6. Submit the form.