Allure TestOps Overview

Allure TestOps UI briefly

Home page

  1. Home page contains the list of created projects.
    • Projects with type Public are visible for everyone.
    • Projects with type Private are visible to Project’s team members only.
  2. User’s menu is in the lower left corner of the screen.
    • If you have administrator’s role you will see corresponding menu item to jump to the Administration section
    • You can update your profile and create API tokens in user’s menu.
  3. The projects list provides high level information about the projects
    • Project’s ID and label
    • Number of manual test cases in a project
    • Number of automated test cases in a project
    • Number of test launched for a project



Project is highest-level grouping for your tests related to some product or its part.

Here are the main parts of any project:

  1. Home page of a project is its basic analytics dashboard which contains widgets with general information about the project.
  2. Test cases section contains all the test cases related to the project both - manual and automated grouped at your discretion.
  3. Test plans section contains lists of test cases aggregated by a project member, aggregation could be done based on the need or logic (smoke tests for example).
  4. Launches section contains the information about the tests runs, all the errors, fails, detailed steps information live there. All the test results analysts goes there.
  5. Analytics section contains your custom dashboards with the metrics of your choice.
  6. Defects section contains the information about the defects you discovered during lest results analysis. You manage defects and link them with issue trackers.
  7. Project Settings section allows you to manage your project, adjust mapping, manage test results storing time etc. More details in the dedicated section.