Allure TestOps introduction

What’s Allure TestOps?

Allure TestOps is a refined Test Operations Swiss army knife which allows you to manage all test related stuff in one place.

We support the entire life cycle for testing for both - manual and automated tests:

Supported tests life cycle

The system can be easily adapted to your processes, and it will help you to deliver great products.

What can we do out-of-the-box


  • Design both manual and automated tests.
  • Create test plans to test your product with both manual and automated tests in one test plan.
  • Manage the tests runs for all your tests from one place.
  • Real time tests documentation creation for automated tests based on your rules.
  • Compare historical tests data vs. currently created documentation.
  • Import tests from other TMS either manually or in automated way.
  • Group and regroup the tests into different tree views based on custom fields.

Tests runs

  • Start, stop, rerun build jobs from Allure TestOps on build servers.
  • Set different environment parameters from Allure TestOps to run the tests with.
  • Select tests (filter out the tests you don’t need to be started) in a build job for execution.
  • Select several build jobs (even on different build servers) for test plan execution.
  • Watch the build progress and the status in real time.

Test results

  • Gather tests results from build server in real time during the build job execution.
  • Link failed tests to defects to save time on the analysis.
  • Link failures to issues in your issue tracking system.
  • Export tests results to issue tracking systems.
  • Import tests results manually if needed.
  • Import tests results right from your IntelliJ IDEA project.


  • Analyse the trends using built-in dashboards.
  • Analyse the tests results using built-in query language to build your custom dashboards.
  • Create the test reports as PDF or CSV.


  • Ready-to-use integrations with popular build servers.
    • Jenkins, Bamboo, Gitlab, TeamCity
  • Ready-to-use integrations with popular issue tracking systems.
    • Jira, Youtrack, Gitlab, GitHub, Bitbucket
  • Ready-to-use integrations with popular TMSs for tests results exports.
    • TM4J, TestRail, Xray, Azure

Next steps

Following sections will provide the information about ways to deploy Allure TestOps in your infrastructure, the architecture of Allure TestOps, and main terms and concepts of Allure TestOps .