Allure TestOps Overview

Allure TestOps overview

Allure TestOps is a refined Test Operations swiss army knife that allows you to manage all test related stuff in one place.

The system can be easily adapted to your processes, and it will help you to deliver great products.

Allure TestOps overview

Features ready out-of-the-box

  • Tests management
    • Manual tests creation.
    • Automated tests creation.
    • Test plans creation (you can combine those from the items above).
    • Tests categorisation by system’s standard and custom fields.
  • Management of the test runs
    • Manual tests launches.
    • Automated tests launches.
    • Run whole test plan.
    • Selective run of job(s) on CI side.
  • Test results gathering.
    • From test launches on CI systems.
      • Jenkins.
      • TeamCity.
      • Bamboo.
      • Gitlab.
    • Manual upload of test data from basically any test frameworks.
    • Automated upload of test results from IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Test documentation creation
    • Test docs are created based on the test runs data.
    • Historical data is being kept, so you can see track the changes made by QA.
  • Test results analysis.
    • Matching environment from different CIs (yeah, Allure TestOps will take care of it!).
    • Creation of the test reports.
    • Creation of standard dashboards.
    • Creation of customised dashboards using built-in query language.
  • Connection of the test and test results with the bug reporting systems.
    • Gitlab.
    • Jira.
    • Jira cloud.

System architecture

Allure TestOps implements the microservices architecture, which is described in more detailed way in Architecture section.

What’s next?

Depending on who you are in the team and the life cycle of Allure TestOps in your organisation, we recommend different paths for you to read. Check this section to understand how to deploy, customise and start using all the features of Allure TestOps.