Test case's scenario

Test case’s scenarios

Scenario of a test case is the set of steps that either Manual QA engineer or your test framework need to follow to check if the software is working as expected.

Typically, scenario consist of the following elements:

Create a scenario

Manual tests

  1. In the Test cases section, select a test case.

  2. On the Overview tab, go to the Scenario section and click Edit.

    Test case owerview

  3. In the Step name text box, describe the action and press Enter to add another step.

    Test case scenario

  4. Open the Step edit actions drop-down list. You can perform the following actions:

    • Attach files to upload a file from the computer.
    • Attach table to create a new table for the step.
    • Attach text to add text to the step.
    • Remove to delete the step.
    • Move up, Move down to move the step in the step tree.
    • Indent, Dedent to create substep.
    • Edit keyword to change keyword.

Some of these actions can use keyboard shortcuts.

To add a new line in a step, use the Shift + Enter combination.

  1. After you finish editing the step, click Submit.

  2. If necessary, fill in the Description and Comment text boxes and click Submit.

Even if you delete steps, all attached files will be saved on the Attachments tab of the test case.

Automated tests

An automated test case in Allure TestOps is the outcome of the automated test’s results analysis. Allure TestOps generates test cases based on the information received from the test results and enriches these results with the meta information provided by your test framework.

You can get the most from your test results by using Allure Framework.

Scenario of an automated test is created in your code. To have the split of the actions in your test cases code into steps in the test cases, you need to use Allure Framework.

The concept of a step in the test case’s scenario is described in the documentation of Allure Framework here.

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