Allure TestOps test results metadata upload policy.

Upload policy

Sources of the metadata

By default, Allure TestOps takes all the metadata from the test launch results. However, this behaviour can be changed by the end users.

Say, a person that is responsible for the management (if you’re reading this it’s presumably you) of a test case needs to provide more detailed or precise information about some test(s) comparing to the information that is being taken from the uploaded test results.

For example manual test engineer wants the information about the following test to be more precise:

We want to change some meta information about a test

To do so you need to set up the test results upload policies.

Setting up test upload policies

Jump to Project settings » Upload and then hit Create to create your very first upload policy

Create upload policy

Then select a field for which you need to create the upload policy, select the policy and save the policy by pressing Submit button.

Upload policy is created

From now on, the field description will be taken from the test case information stored in Allure TestOps and information from the test results will be omitted.

Now, you can jump to a test case and update the description:

Updated description of a test case

For all subsequent test results upload the information from the description field will be ignored and replaced by the information stored in the test case description.

Fields allowing creation of an upload policy

Currently, Allure TestOps supports the creation of upload policy for the following fields:

  • name
  • full_name
  • test_layer
  • description
  • precondition expected_result
  • link
  • tag
  • issue
  • test_key
  • member
  • custom_field