Upgrade to 3.177.2

Special upgrade procedure for release 3.177.2

Starting from the version 3.177.2 we are using Redis, so before you start new release of Allure TestOps you need to update your configuration.

This article describes changes for all available deployment methods.

  1. Deployment via docker-compose.
  2. Deployment via Kubernetes.
  3. Deployment via packages.

Deployment via docker-compose

  1. Go to a folder where you store your Allure TestOps’s configuration files for docker-compose installation, i.e. where your .env and docker-compose.yaml files reside.
  2. Stop the Allure TestOps using docker-compose down command.
  3. Edit .env file – add the following information
JWT_SECRET=... # was added earlier

# gateway - this could be added at the end of the .env file
  1. Edit docker-compose.yaml file and add the redis service and gateway environment

    image: redis:6
        - allure

        ALLURE_JWT_SECRET: ${JWT_SECRET} # moved from uaa service
        # redis
        # session
  1. Start Allure TestOps instance using docker-compose up -d command as usual.

Deployment via Kubernetes

Just make sure you’ve updated helm chart to the latest version and follow regular instructions for update to 3.177.2 version.

Deployment via packages

Starting from the version 3.177.2 Allure TestOps requires a redis instance.

For example, redis should be available at redist-host : 6379

  1. Edit /opt/allure-ee/uaa/conf/allure-uaa.properties file and cut the following information

    allure.jwt.secret=xxx #you need to move this property to gateway sevice settings
  2. Edit /opt/allure-ee/gateway/conf/allure-gateway.properties file and add following information

    allure.jwt.secret=xxx # paste from 
  3. Update version packages version and restart Allure TetsOps.

Problems with Jira plug-in - how to override

If after the migration to 3.177.2 version of Allure TestOps you are experiencing troubles with the authorization in Jira plug-in here is what you do:

Check here

LDAP settings for 3.177.2 and the following ones

Starting from the 3.177.X release you need to update your settings for LDAP.

Before 3.177.X release the settings related to LDAP all had the prefix LDAP, now in your LDAP settings you need to replace the prefix to ALLURE_LOGIN_LDAP.


LDAP as primary authentication

To set LDAP as primary way to authenticate your users, you need to ad the following configuration parameter to uaa service:


This parameter will set your `URL/login’ address to LDAP by default.

If you still need to log-in to Allure TestOps internal user, you need to use the following URL - URL/login/system.