Configuring authentication

Authentication parameters on Allure TestOps side

The task

We need a CI server or Issue tracker or IntelliJ plug-in to be able interact with Allure TestOps server.

The solution

We need to generate secret token on Allure TestOps side. CI server will use this token for authentication.

Token is generated under a TestOps user account in the profile section.

Generate secret token on Allure TestOps side

This authentication token will be used by a CI server for authentication in Allure TestOps server.

  1. Log in to Allure TestOps with dedicated account you are going to use to upload test results. That could be your profile as well.
  2. Go to user’s profile.

Allure go to profile

  1. In the section API tokens click a green button that says Create.
  2. Name your API token and click Submit. Always give meaningful names to all the configuration parameters.

Allure go to profile

Allure will randomly generate the token and show you in modal window.

  1. Copy the token and save it in a safe place as it cannot be retrieved by Allure TestOps means.