Administration - Environment

Environment section

This article describes the Environment section of Allure TestOps administration area.

Environment section is used to introduce Allure TestOps’ global environment variables which will be linked to projects’ environment variables.


Reason for having the global variables is that on a team level or on CI level you will inevitably have different naming of environment variables and Allure TestOps needs a global variable to link the variety of project specific environment variables to single global one.

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The linking of project specific environment data is performed in Project => Settings => Environment

Set up Allure TestOps global environment variables

If you haven’t introduced any global Environment variables, then first you need to go to the Administration section of Allure TestOps (you need admin’s rights) and introduce a new global environment variable.

When we say global we mean that it will be used in all the project you registered in Allure TestOps.

By doing this you will be able to link environment variables coming from different CIs to a single global environment variable.

Introduce new environment variable


The next step could be the setting of Project’s related environment variables.