Allure TestOps plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA plug-in


  • Go to plug-ins section of IntelliJ IDEA settings.

    • go File > Settings > Plugins
  • In search field start typing Allure EE Support

  • Then in the results field find the plug-in and hit Install

    Install Allure TestOps plug-in

  • Restart IDE.

Plug-in connection settings

Export Test Results

  • Run tests on your environment
  • Select Upload Results to Allure on the folder with allure results IDEA export results
  • Select a Project to export and type a launch name IDEA export settings
  • The results will be available on the Allure EE. IDEA allure launch

By default Allure uses some rules to link your automated test into Allure EE test case. It is depends on test framework, for example in case of jUnit5 it use <package>.<class name>.<method name>

So if you will modify one of this mapping part the Allure will think that it a new test case and creates one for you. To avoid it you can mark your test with allure ID annotation.
  • Upload first time your tests into Allure EE as described above. IDEA upload results
  • Close the Launch to process the results, new test cases will be created IDEA upload test cases
  • Use menu on package and select Assign Allure ID IDEA assign the ID
  • Select a project on Allure EE where you’ve uploaded a results
  • All test will have an @AllureId annotation. IDEA allure ID

Now if you modify the test name it will correct mapped into Allure EE test case.

Manual test cases automation

  • Create a manual test on Allure EE and add scenario into test case page IDEA create manual test case
  • Create test pattern in code IDEA create test pattern
  • Use menu on test method name and select Allure Automate, type test case Id and select options to synchronise IDEA allure automate
  • Your test in Idea contains @AllureId, all sync fields and the scenario to implement IDEA test automate result
  • Implement your test scenario ![IDEA implement test logic](../../images/idea-implemnet-automated test-logic.png)
  • Execute tests and upload the results
  • Close the Launch to process the results
  • You Allure EE manual test is marked as automated test case IDEA upload automated test
  • You can compare manual and auto scenarios ![IDEA compare scenarios](../../images/test case-compare-scenarios.png)
  • You can remove the manual scenario, then the scenario from test result will always used IDEA use auto scenario
  • Now, your test is fully automated