Allure TestOps - Migration from other TMSs


Allure TestOps provides several ways to migrate test cases from other test management systems (TMS).

Manual migration via CSV files

Below, you will find the actions needed to perform the upload of test case from CSV file to Allure TestOps

  1. Go to Project Settings > Import test cases for the file upload

    Import test cases

  2. After the file is uploaded, Allure TestOps validates it (checks that uploaded file is in fact a CSV file, it can be parsed, fields numbers etc.)

  3. If the validation successfully passed, a configuration page is displayed to the user

    1. For every column in CSV file user can select mapping to test case attribute and/or additional properties like separator character etc.
    2. Configuration page has split screen layout
      1. left - configuration
      2. right - preview
    3. Preview is basically the overview of a test case, user can select row number for preview in configuration section
  4. After configuration is done, user can submit it to the server

  5. Server will process CSV file and the status (processing, done, error etc.) will be displayed to the user

  6. After everything is done, user can delete the import file.

  7. In case of errors the user can get back to the step #3 and resubmit it with different configuration

Example of a CSV file content



Import test case example result

Custom automated migration

For some cases Allure TestOps support team might provide the automatic script for test cases migration from the 3rd party TMS.

The migration script preparation takes 1 - 2 business days depending on the customer’s requirements.

At the moment the following TMSs are supported to perform the automated migration of test cases:

To order the preparation of a migration script for your specific requirements,
you need to have purchased the commercial license of Allure TestOps.