Allure TestOps quick start for administrator

Allure TestOps administrator’s quick start

This page contains quick start for Allure TestOps administrator.


We assume, you’ve already deployed Allure TestOps in your infrastructure.

What differs an Administrator from a user

  • Administrator is able to create global settings that will be applied to all the projects if not overridden by project settings
  • Administrator manages the users registered in the system, this includes the
  • Administrator manages the groups in the system
  • Administrator has the access to everything in the system which includes the access to private projects

System settings available for an Administrator

Full list of settings available for an administrator is described here

Quick start

Here’s a list of things the admins need to do first, in descending order of priority:

  1. Check if all the recommendations for production system are applied
  2. Make sure you are running up-to-date version of Allure TetsOps
  3. Register or approve users and assign correct roles
    1. Where: Users section of Administration {URL}/admin/users
      1. ROLE_USER requires licensing
      2. ROLE_ADMIN requires licensing
      3. ROLE_AUDITOR does not require licensing
  4. Discuss with your team what is the max time you need to store the test results.
    1. You need to define at least Cleanup policies to delete as these are the same over time and do not need to be stored forever (URL/admin/cleanup)
      1. Attachments for passed tests
      2. Scenarios for passed tests
      3. Fixtures for passed tests
  5. Create credentials and complete integration process
    1. with CI servers
    2. with issue trackers
  6. To properly process build jobs information and test results, discuss with your team and define global parameters
    1. for Environments
    2. for Custom Fields [WIP]
    3. for Roles [WIP]
    4. for Test Layers [WIP]

These items above are the main steps you need to perform, so your teams will be able to start working in Allure TestOps.