Allure TestOps - Project - Members

Roles of members

By default, there are two member roles in Allure TestOps - Lead and Owner.

You can create a new member role or configure automatic assignment of members.

You can assign a member to a test case.

Create a new member role

To create a new system-wide role in your Allure TestOps instance, you need administrator’s privileges.
  1. In the Allure TestOps main page, go to the User Menu and select Administration in the drop-down menu.

  2. Go to the Roles section and click the Create button.

  3. Type the Name of the new role and click Submit.

Created role will be available for all projects in the system.

Configure automatic member assignment

  1. Open the required project and go to the Settings section.

  2. Go to the Roles section and click Create.

  3. In the Key text box, type “createdBy”. Select one of the member roles from the Role drop-down list.

Now new test cases in the project will be automatically assigned to the selected member.

Changing the member for automatically assignment will not affect test cases that have already been created.