Allure TestOps - custom fields

Custom Fields

Allure TestOps represents test cases as a tree structure . Custom fields are categories in this structure that help you categorize the test cases. You can create a new custom field.

You can also create a new Tree for test cases.

Create a new custom field

To create a new custom field, you need administrator privileges.
  1. On the Allure’s main page, go to the User Menu and select Administration in the drop-down menu.

  2. Go to the Custom Fields section. Here you can see all the custom fields that exist in the system.

By default, there are the following custom fields:

  • Suite
  • Component
  • Story
  • Feature
  • Epic
  1. To create a new custom field, click the Create button and type the custom field Name. Click Submit.

After creating a new custom field, you need to configure mapping of the custom fields for your project.

Configure custom field mapping

  1. Open the required project and go to the Settings section.

  2. Go to the Custom Fields section.

  3. To configure custom fields mapping for the project, click the Create button.

    Custom fields mapping

  4. Specify a Key for the custom field and select Custom field from the drop-down list, then click Submit.