Test Frameworks

Integration of Allure Framework with the test frameworks

This section will provide the information on the integrations of Test Frameworks and Allure Framework.

Allure framework is an open source project which includes a report generation tool and a set of integrations with the most popular test frameworks allowing generation of the test results consumable by Allure Report and Allure TestOps.

The examples of the integrations with the test frameworks can be found here.

Incomplete* list of integrations

Test Framework Generally integrated Selective test run examples
JUnit4/Java yes yes
JUnit5/Java yes yes
JUnit5/Kotlin yes yes
TestNG/Java yes yes
PyTest/python yes yes
robotframework/python yes yes
NUnit/C# yes draft here
Mocha/TypeScript yes draft
Cucumber/Ruby yes ???
Rspec/Ruby yes ???
karma/ruby yes ???
behave/python yes ???
phpUnit/PHP yes ???
jest/JavaScript yes ???
CodeceptJS/JavaScript yes ???
CodeceptJS/TypeScript yes ???
cucumberJS/JavaScript yes ???
XCTest yes ??? here

* - we’re adding new ones as you read this.