Integrations with Jenkins CI

Integrations with Jenkins CI

This section describes the integrations available/configurable in Allure TestOps before Release 4.0,0

This page contains the index of the steps you need to make to integrate Allure TestOps with Jenkins CI server.


  1. You need to have Jenkins build server and administrator’s access to it.
    1. You need the rights to create credentials.
    2. You need the rights to install plug-ins
    3. You need the rights to configure the system.
    4. You need the rights to create and configure the build jobs.
  2. It is advised that you create dedicated user on Allure side for Jenkins CI. Do not forget to add this dedicated user to your project!
Please follow the steps described in this chapter in the order they are shown below. Do not skip any steps even if you think you know what to do.

Integration steps

Steps are present in the order you need to follow.

# step what where
00 Install plug-in in Jenkins
01 Configure authentication in Allure TestOps and in Jenkins
02 Configure build job on Jenkins side
04 Import test results by running build job in Jenkins
05 Get tests’ environments in Jenkins and Allure TestOps
06 Configure build jobs to run from Allure TestOps
07 Push tests’ environments from AllureTO