Getting updates from Jira

Getting updates from Jira

What is this about?

There are two entities in Allure TestOps that allow you saving a lot time on the test failures analysis. These are Defects and Mutes. Both are dependent on the status of an issue in issue tracker, i.e. the change of the status of an issue to closed will affect the status of Defect and Mute and affect the behaviour of Allure TestOps, so getting information about the status of an issue is essential for these two.

What do we need to do?

To get information on an issue status you need to add a webhook on Jira side.


  1. You need to have your Jira Cloud or Server or DC up and running.
  2. You need to have administrator privileges in your Jira instance to proceed with next steps.
  3. You need to have administrator account in Allure TestOps.
  4. You need to have integration between your Allure TestOps Server and Jira instance.

Okay, let’s roll…

Getting webhook’s address

To get the address for the webhook you need to go to Allure TestOps’ Administration section.

  1. Jump to Issue trackers.
  2. Select Issue tracker for which you have performed the integration.
  3. Click Generate token.
  4. And copy the webhook’s string.
  5. And click Submit.


Configuring webhook on Jira side

  1. In your Jira instance jump to settings (gear icon).
  2. Select System.
  3. Scroll down to ADVANCED and select Webhooks.
  4. Click +Create Webhook.
  5. Name your webhook.
  6. Select Issue’s statuses you want to report to Allure TestOps
  7. Save your webhook.