Integration with issue/bug trackers

Integration with issue/bug trackers

This section describes the integrations available/configurable in Allure TestOps before Release 4.0,0

Why do we need it?

By integrating Allure TestOps with an issue tracker you will be able to clearly link the tests you are running with developers’ issues and with registered bugs using our Defects feature. So, you’ll have clear picture, which are the issues covered by tests, what’s the status of bug fixing and so on.

Same as for CI servers, you need to authenticate both sides, so Allure TestOps and an issue tracker will start working together and some plug-ins’ help will be needed.

In the table below, you have the integration steps related to different issue trackers. Either jump to an issue tracker dedicated main page and continue there or select the page of an integration step.


Both – an Issue tracker and Allure TestOps must work on the same protocol, commonly it should be https, otherwise the integration won’t work in most cases.

Docker compose deployment type config update

If you are going to integrate Allure TestOps with an issue tracker and you are using docker-compose deployment, it’s advised to add the following parameter to your configuration of the gateway service



Issue tracker name
Jira Server
Jira Cloud