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Integration and work with CI servers

This section describes the integrations available/configurable in Allure TestOps before Release 4.0,0

Here, you will learn the workflow for the integration and work with CI servers.

What does the the integration with CI servers give you

  1. Import of test results to Allure TestOps and…
    • creation of the live documentation for automated tests based on the test results.
    • review and analysis of a test run based on the test results.
    • creation of defects for known issues to spend less time for the test run review and analysis.
    • viewing the statistics for the test runs.
    • gathering information about the test run’s environment.
    • create test plans based on the created documentation.
  2. Start build jobs on CI servers from Allure TestOps.
    • start a build job with default parameters.
    • start a build job with the specific environment.
    • rerun failed, broken or whatever test you need to rerun, i.e. selective tests run.
    • run the test plans, i.e. selective test runs.
    • run the tests from Allure TestOps on a CI server with the parameters set from Allure TestOps.

The Workflow

This is very important to understand and keep in mind:

before you start managing processes from Allure TestOps, you need to start your build job at least once from CI, so Allure TestOps will collect the information needed to operate properly.

Generally, the workflow looks like follows:

  1. You need to allow (authenticate) the CI server to import the test results to Allure TestOps.
  2. You need to run a build job at least once, so the live automated test documentation will be creates and Allure will start gathering the information about the parameters and environment.
  3. You need to allow (authenticate) Allure TestOps to run the build jobs on a CI server.
This user you are using to integrate a CI server with Allure TestOps to send the test results to Allure TestOps should have only ROLE_USER authority assigned in settings (Administration > Users). We strongly advise to not use ROLE_ADMIN for the integrations as it could lead to undesired consequences in case of human errors.

The approach is similar for all the CI servers, nonetheless there are come specific for each CI server, and the table below will help you to navigate.

To make the integration process easy peasy for you please follow the steps described in the table one-by-one from top to down.

CI Name Integration type for test results upload
for Bamboo plug-in
for Jenkins plug-in
for TeamCity plug-in
for GitLab allurectl
for Circle CI allurectl
GitHub allurectl
Azure allurectl