Allure TestOps import test results from Bamboo CI

Import of the test results from Bamboo CI


  1. You’ve added a project to Allure TestOps
  2. You’ve assigned WRITE access rights to a user which will import the test results to this project.
  3. You’ve integrated Allure TestOps and Bamboo CI server.
  4. You’ve configured a build job


You need to run the configured job to import test results.

Import test results

Start your build job from Bamboo and jump to Allure TestOps project’s Launches section.

If you followed the instructions carefully, you will see the following in the Launches section of your Allure TestOps project:

Please remember - Allure TestOps won’t start the processing of the test results until you explicitly close the launch either manually or automatically in the project settings!

Check the integration of Jenkins and Allure

After the build job finished, you might want to review the tests’ results to understand whether everything is all right, then you can close the launch and Allure TestOps will create the live documentation for your automated tests based on the test results and send the tests results to the analytics.

Closing the launch: Close a launch in Allure

Now, jump to Test cases section of your project and check the test cases which Allure created based on your results.

Allure creates live documentation

As you can see, there is no information about the environments on which our tests run.

But Allure TestOps is capable of gathering this information from the CI server. Moreover Allure TestOps can request the usage of a specific requirement, which we will see later on.

That’s it!

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