Allure TestOps running build jobs on CI

Running build jobs on CI systems

We’ll cover the following information in this section

  1. General information on running build jobs on CI systems from Allure TestOps
  2. Existing integration with most popular CI/CD systems
  3. Selective tests run for a build job
  4. Detailed description of launching tests from Allure TestOps

General information

To run the build jobs from Allure TestOps you need to authenticate Allure TestOps on CI system side.

Basically this means, that you need to do the following:

  1. Install Allure TestOps plug-in to a CI system if applicable.
  2. Create credentials for the integration on CI system side.
  3. Provision the credentials to Allure TestOps.
  4. Create build server in Allure TestOps configuration with the credentials you’ve created.
  5. Test the connection.

Integration to run build jobs

Existing integrations

The table below contains the information on existing integrations with the most popular CI/CD systems and the need to install a plug-in to run the build jobs from Allure TestOps.

Please use appropriate link to integrate your Allure TestOps instance with your CI system.

CI system Run build jobs set-up Is plug-in needed
Jenkins run build jobs Yes
Bamboo run build jobs Yes
TeamCity run build jobs Yes
Gitlab run build jobs No

Gitlab CI does not support plug-ins, for Gitlab and similar system we’ve developed integration via Allure TestOps command line interface.

Selective tests run for a build job

Say, you received the tests results for a build job and you see that some test are either broken of failed. So, you might want to check if this is a random event or are the tests indeed broken/failed. You can rerun broken/failed tests from a build job without running all the test.

Or you just want to run not all the tests from a build job, but the ones related to some feature and so on…

Selective run of the tests is currently supported by adding of an adaptor to test framework. Adaptor will read the test plan provided by Allure and command the test framework to run the tests based on the said test plan.

The information about supported frameworks is available in the detailed description about running tests on CI (see the link below).

Detailed description about running tests on CI from Allure TestOps

Detailed description for build jobs starting from Allure TestOps is described here.

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