Allure TestOps - export test results to Youtrack

Export test results to Youtrack

Prepare Youtrack credentials and IssueTracker

  1. Create a credential for Youtrack under Administration area in Allure TestOps. Use basic type and username/password from JetBrains account.

  2. Create an issue tracker for Youtrack system. For example: Use youtrack type and check properties for Sync and Export. Use Test Connection to check a connection.

  1. Open Launches menu area

  2. Select Export to issue on the left side menu

    Launch menu

  3. Select issue tracker created before

  4. Type issue key and select a create option or choose the existing one from the suggested list.

  5. Select required amount of issues

    Export to issue popup

  6. Push Submit button

See the results

  1. Open the issue on the Youtrack server.

  2. You will see the following comment

    Youtrack comment

To provide a link on launch name the environment variable
`ENDPOINT` required on Allure TestOps side.