Allure TestOps - export test results to Jira Server

Integration with Jira Server

You can configure Allure integration with issue trackers to include Allure in your development processes.

Configure Allure

  1. Install the Allure plug-in for Jira Server.

  2. In the Allure main page, go to the User menu and select Administration. Go to the Credentials section.

  3. Click the Create button. Enter the credentials Name and select Basic Type, then enter Username and Password of Jira user account.

It is recommended to have a separate Jira account for integration with Allure.

  1. In the User menu select Administration and go to the Issue Tracker section.

  2. Click the Create button to create an issue tracker for Jira system. Specify the Name and Endpoint parameters. Choose jira type and select Enable issue sync and Enable issue export check boxes.

Click the Test connection button to check a connection with Jira issue tracker.

You can set up export of launch results and test results from Allure to Jira issue tracker.

Export of launch results

  1. In the Allure, open the required project and go to the Launches section.

  2. Select Export to issue from the Launch actions drop-down menu.

    Launch menu

  3. Select Jira Tracker, specify an issue identifier in the Key box and click Submit. Information about exported launch appears under issue description.

    Launch export

To provide a link to launch name, you need to add the **Endpoint** environment variable in Allure.

Export of test results

When you add an issue link for a test result, export of test results will start automatically, if the Enable issue export check box is selected for the issue tracker.