Allure TestOps - export test results to Jira Cloud

Integration with Jira Cloud

Install Allure plug-in for Jira

  1. Request the token link for Allure for Jira Cloud plug-in installation.

  2. In the Atlassian cloud product, go to the Manage apps and click Settings at the bottom of the page.

  3. Select the Enable private listings check box. Private listing prop

  4. On the Manage apps page, click Upload app. Private listing prop

  5. Paste the copied token URL into pop up screen that appears and click Upload. You will see the “Installed and ready to go!” dialog.

  6. After successful installation, Allure for Jira plug-in will be available in the list of installed plug-ins. Private listing prop

Create an Atlassian API token

It is recommended to have a separate Jira account for integration with Allure.

  1. In the Atlassian cloud product, go to  API token section .

  2. Click Create API token.

  3. In the dialog that appears, enter the Label for your token and click Create.

  4. Click Copy to clipboard, then use this token to create credentials in Allure.

Configure Allure

  1. In the Allure main page, go to the User menu and select Administration. Go to the Credentials section.

  2. Click the Create button. Specify the Name for Jira Cloud credentials and select Basic Type, then enter Jira user account in the Username box and Atlassian API Token in the Password box.

  3. In the User menu select Administration and go to the Issue Tracker section.

  4. Click the Create button to create an issue tracker for Jira system. Specify the Name and Endpoint parameters. Choose jira-cloud type and select Enable issue sync and Enable issue export check boxes.

Click the Test connection button to check a connection with Jira issue tracker.

Manual export of Launch results

  1. Open right menu area on Launches page

  2. Select Export to issue on the left side menu

    Launch menu

  3. Select Jira-Cloud issue tracker and type an issue number to export

  4. Activate Allure plug-in on issue page in jira-cloud.

    Activate plugin

  5. Under issue description there is an information about exported launch

    Launch export

To provide a link on launch name the environment variable
`ENDPOINT` required on Allure TestOps side.

Test result export

  1. Add an issue link for a test result. Export of test results will start automatically, if the Enable issue export check box is selected for the issue tracker.

  2. Enable Allure plug-in on issue page in Jira Cloud.

    TestResult allure plugin activation

    Information about last test result will appear under issue description.

    TestResult export