Allure TestOps - analytic tools


Allure TestOps provides a tool for collecting and analyzing data about test cases.

In the required project, go to the Analytics section.


Widgets in Allure TestOps present data about test cases and test results graphically, which can help you estimate the quality and effectiveness of software testing.

There are several types of standard widgets in Allure TestOps.

  • AVG success rate

    Percentage of passed test cases to failed test cases by day.

  • AVG duration

    Average time of execution test cases per day.

  • Sum duration

    Total test case execution time per day. Time is added up for all test cases, even if they are launched at the same time.

  • Test cases count

    The number of unique test cases performed per day.

  • Test results count

    The number of test results for unique test cases.

  • Test results retried count

    The number of test cases that were retried.

  • Test results not retried count

    The number of test cases that were not retried.

  • Sum duration retried

    Total time spent on retrying test cases by day.

  • Sum duration not retried

    Total time spent on execution of not retried test cases by day.

Configure widgets

You can configure widgets using filters at the top of the Analytics page.

  1. Specify Test case query and Launches query using Request Query Language.

    For example, enter cf[“Feature”] = “Analytics” in the Test case query box to view test case statistics for the feature Analytics.

  2. Select date and time in the From and To boxes.

  3. Select the time unit from the Aggregate by drop-down menu.

  4. To apply filters to widgets, click Search.

You can also create a dashboard with widgets.