Allure TestOps Architecture

Allure TestOps Architecture simplified

Allure implements microservices architecture and has 3 main components:

  1. Gateway.
    • Gateway is the WEB-UI component of Allure TestOps.
  2. UAA.
    • UAA is the user management component of Allure TestOps.
  3. Report.
    • Report is the report controller of Allure TestOps.


For service discovery Allure TestOps uses Consul in non-Kubernetes setup and Kubernetes API in a Kubernetes cluster.

After the start-up, each component registers in Consul’s service discovery, and if health check is green, other components of the system will be able to connect to the said component.

Allure UAA stores account data in PostgreSQL database of UAA component. Allure TestOps Report stores metadata in PostgreSQL database of report service and the assets - in local folder or in S3 compatible storage.

RabbitMQ is used for asynchronous jobs and as temporary storage.