Muted test

What’s a mute?

Mute is a feature allowing you to ignore some test cases if they are constantly failing due to a known reason.

If a test is muted it becomes Resolved as the fact you’ve muted a test means for Allure TestOps that you’ve done the following:

  • you’ve looked into the logs
  • you’ve analysed the root cause of the failure
  • you deliberately muted this particular test to avoid its results to appear in the statistics

Create a mute

  1. In the Test cases section, select a test case.

  2. Go to the Mutes tab and click Create.

    Test case mute tab

  3. Enter Name and Reason for the mute.

    Create mute form

  4. To add an issue link, select Tracker and Key from the drop-down lists, and then click Submit.

    Test case mute overview

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