Allure TestOps - filter the test cases

Filter test cases

Filters allow you to show only the data you want to see in the list of test cases.

Create a filter

  1. In the required project, go to the Test cases section.

  2. At the top of the page, click the Open filters button. Filters panel will appear.

  3. Click the New search button and specify filter parameters.

    Open filters panel

    Test case new filter

    You can filter the test cases by:

  • ID or Name of the test case;
  • Username (name of the user who has added the test case);
  • Statuses;
  • Type;
  • Layer;
  • Tag;
  • Issue;
  • Muted;
  • Muted after/Muted before;
  • Created after/Created before;
  • Custom fields (Feature, Story and Suite).

    If the currently opened test case has tags, you can find other test cases with these tags without filtering. To do this, click one of the tags.

  1. To save the search request, click the Filter actions button, then select Save.

    Save filter form

  2. Enter the Name of the filter and select the Shared check box if you want to make this filter available to other users.

  3. Click Submit, the filter will appear in the Filters panel.

To delete a saved filter, click Delete in the Filter actions menu.