Overview - Settings


Settings section contains all the setting related to a project you are working on.

if you see this write to support.qameta.io

Below in the table you will find the brief description of each item in the settings.

Item Description
General General description of your project:
- Name
- Visibility
- Description
Access Access rules to your project. Add people or groups to your project and assign access rights for them
Custom fields Rules for processing (linking) of the Custom Fields information from your test results.
Used for searching of the test cases and test results and building the view trees (groupings)
Environment Rules for processing of the Environments information from your test results.
Used to filter the test results and launches
Error categories Rules to attribute errors found in the test results to certain error category for faster processing.
Roles Rules to process information about tests related to roles inside the project team, e.g. Owner, Lead, Reviewer etc.
Trees Rules for creation of view Trees (grouping of test cases and test results) based on the Custom fields
Test case sections Settings defining whether to include Preconditions and expected results into a test case
Workflows Defined standard per project life cycle of a test, e.g. Draft -> Review -> Active -> Outdated
Upload Rules for the defining of the source of meta information about test cases, e.g. to take test case’s description from the test results or set it in Allure TestOps and ignore the test results
Launches Rules for the auto closing of the launches and rules for the generation of the test documentation based on Launch’s parameters
Issues Rules for linking of the information about an issue in issue tracker received from test results to test cases
Test layers Rules for linking of the information about test layers (UI, API, Unit) received from test results.
Test key Rules for linking of the information about tests registered in third party TMS received from test results. In other words Allure TestOps provides test documentation to third party TMS
Filters Defines the default filter to be applied to view tree when you opening either test cases section or Tree tab of a launch
Clean up policies Rules for the deletion of old test results data (attachments, scenarios, fixtures) depending on the status of the test result