Allure TestOps the access rights to a project

Managing projects

Project types

A project can be Public or Private.

You can manage the access rights during creation of a new project or in the settings section of an existing project.

Granting the access to a project

Access levels

You can assign one of three access levels to a user or group:

  1. Read access level. These users will have read-only access, no actions allowed.
  2. Write access level. These users can create new instances and launch the project.
  3. Owner access level. These users can configure the project.
The user who creates a project becomes its Owner.

User-based and group-based access to a project

There are two options to manage the access to a project:

  1. Group-based access.
    • Create a group of users and give this group access to several projects.
  2. User-based access.
    • Add a single user to a specific project.

Group-based access

You can add a group to a project either from Administration area of Allure TestOps or from the project’s Settings.

Granting the access from Administration area > Groups

  1. Go to Administration area of Allure TestOps, then to Groups section.

  2. Select an existing group or create a new one.

  3. Add users to the group and add a project to this group with certain access level.

    Adding project to group

  4. All the changes will be saved automatically after you press the green Plus button (#3 in the picture above)

Granting the access from project’s settings

You need to have group created in order to proceed with adding groups from the project settings.

  1. In a project to go project’s settings (first icon from the bottom saying Settings).

  2. Go to the Access section.

  3. In Groups area of Access section select a group from drop-down list and assign the access rights.

  4. Then click green Plus button to complete the action (#4 in the picture below).

    Adding group to a project

User-based access

Use user-based access to quickly manage a single user access to the project.
  1. Open a project. Go to Settings > Access

    Collaborator project access

  2. In the Collaborators area select a user from the drop-down list or use the search option.

  3. Assign the permissions to the selected user. Selected collaborator project access

  4. All the changes will be saved automatically after you press the green Plus button.