Allure TestOps - custom fields

Custom Fields

Custom field is a test case’s attribute used to provide meta data on this test case.

Example of a meta data:

  • Feature of product, e.g. Authentication.
  • Story being tested by a test case e.g. Built-in authentication
  • Micro-service which functionality is tested by a a test case, e.g. uaa (one of Allure TestOps microservices).
  • Framework used to run the tests.

Configure custom field mapping on the project level

  1. Open a project and go to the Settings section.

  2. Go to the Custom Fields section.

  3. To configure custom fields mapping for the project, click the Create button.

    Custom fields mapping

  4. Specify a Key for the custom field and select Custom field from the drop-down list, then click Submit.

More detailed description of Custom Fields can be fount in the test cases section