Allure TestOps configuration - Users management

Users and groups management in Allure TestOps

Adding new users

To add new users to your instance of Allure TestOps, you need to jump to administration area:

Go to administration

The system will automatically redirect you to the Users section, where you can register new team members.

Just click Deployment path to add a new user.

User account activation

After you filled all the fields for new user, they won’t be able to log in to the system until the created account is approved by administrator.

You need to tick the check-box Approved to allow newly created user to be able to log in to Allure TestOps.

Account activation

Self sign-up

Users also have the possibility to request the accounts in Allure TestOps by themselves from the log-in page:

Account activation

However, their account will remain inactive until approved by the administrator.

Creating groups

Why groups?

Groups allow you managing the access to the projects for a number of people.

Groups - how?

Managing of groups goes from Administration area of Allure TestOps.

Group creation looks like follows:

  1. Go to Administration section, then Groups and click +New group button in top-right corner.
  2. Then name this new group.
  3. Then add people to the group.
  4. Then you can add project to the group.

Where users and groups are used?


Registered and approved user’s credentials are used to authenticate a user in Allure TestOps.


Both users and groups are used on a project level to allow users/groups to access certain project with specific access rights:

  1. Owner
  2. Write access
  3. Read access

Managing the access on a project level

Management of the access on a project level described in details in this section: Managing access on a project level